Wieke Scholten


Bio: Wieke Scholten is an organisational and social psychologist and holds a PhD in social sciences. She is author of the book Banking on Team Ethics: a team climate perspective on root causes of misconduct in financial services (2018) and is one of our Behavioural Risk specialists. Prior to joining &samhoud consultancy in 2019, Wieke was Head of Audit for Behavioural Risk at Royal Bank of Scotland and she worked as a senior supervisor of behaviour & culture at the Dutch prudential regulator DNB. As such, she has eight years of experience in identifying behavioural risk within the financial services industry.

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Lockdown and crisis: why now is THE time to look at behavioural risks

Femke de Vries, Wieke Scholten, Juliëtte van Doorn and Mara Soekarjo