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Bio: Organizational transformation expert with a passion for technology and Several years ago I worked with a major financial service provider. Together with the client we analyzed that only 2 cents of every euro that was invested in IT, came back as working software. 98% was being wasted. The major impact that this situation had on people and the amount of value that was lost really hit me. It motivated me for the past 10 years to primarily focus on the following question: How do you connect people with knowledge of technology and people with knowledge of the client and the market in such a way, that it results in quick and meaningful innovation? To achieve this change, I use an approach that connects people around a clear and energizing direction and offer skills and support to achieve this in agile way. I am driven to use the latest insights and my analytical creativity to make a positive difference for the people and organizations with whom I work.

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Floris de Bruin, Nienke Koperberg and Lisa van den Berg


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Floris de Bruin



Floris de Bruin and Lisa van den Berg


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