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How every organization can develop an AR strategy

About two years ago the streets were filled with groups of people who tried to catch virtual augmented reality monsters with their smartphones. Pokémon Go was the first worldwide introduction to Augmented Reality (AR). Nowadays the app has been downloaded over 750 million times. But AR is not only successful in the entertainment industry. According to the Harvard Business Review, Augmented Reality is the interface of the future and the technique will have a significant impact on the way in which businesses reach and serve their clients. Taking this into account, the question is: how can businesses start thinking about implementing this technique? How can you make a successful AR strategy?

In this article, we have aggregated the lessons learned from implementing AR in practice in several companies, complemented with our own experience with AR implementations and the theory into a concrete roadmap. We hope the article provides you with inspiration regarding how every organization can develop and implement an AR strategy.

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