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June 10, 2016 – by Jip Samhoud &samhoud media

What an amazing week! We launched together with Albert Heijn(AH), Hollands biggest grocery store, our “Back to the dinosaurs” app. Dutch journals called it the greatest breakthrough in virtual reality so far. A big brand stepping into this field and bringing it from a small niche group to the masses. 

Within four days it just became number 1 in the app store. A historic moment as I believe so far never a VR/AR app had such an high amount of trafic. Users rate the app high and social media is spread with people sharing dinosaurs, and the logo of the supermarket chain, in their living room. We are on our way to be the highest watched VR/AR project in the world.

What makes this app unique?

Albert Heijn has always been famous for their collection and loyalty campaigns. In the sixties they famously made it possible for every Dutch citizen to collect a fridge. Nowadays they create educational collection campaigns specificly for kids. With every 10 euros spend on groceries you get 4 cards, with a total of 160 cards to collect.

As we began thinking together with Albert Heijn how to bring a further innovation to their collection campaigns we introduced Virtual Reality. The technique makes it possible to inspire people with new realities; gone worlds can be recreated. At that moment AH was already working together with advertising agency TBWA on the concept of their newest campaign introducing the dinosaurs. This combined with our AR/VR concept made that an innovation was born: how cool would it be to bring dinosaurs back to life!

The app combines an unique learning experience: 

  • 20 complete animated worlds with 20 species of dinosaurs were created in virtual- and augmented reality. 
  • A mixture between animation and video made it possible to implement one of Netherlands biggest child heroes, the TV biologist Freek Vonk.
  • More then 400 educational elements about the dinosaurs. 

Working with Unity game software the dino’s can be guided by the viewer, while the sounds are partly random created, giving a total video experience of more then 400 minutes. 

Our partners of Little Chicken did a great job to made this innovation technical possible. Our team took extremely care of a user flow that wouldn’t give flaws, it is intensely tested to be ultimate child proof.

Is VR now really getting big?

So VR/AR just got its first really big mass introduction in The Netherlands. The power of this supermarket that reaches about 1/3 of the Dutch market to popularize things is huge. Millions of kids will be affected by the magical experience with a rich set of content. We just broke the chicken and the egg problem that VR still had with a small amount of people being able to watch. Now it is the moment for other content parties to start investing. We need creativity to create concepts that affect big target groups that include content that is so magical that people want to watch it. The devices are getting to the people, kids get introduced so nothing in our way!

I am really thrilled by the idea how we are inspiring and educating children throughout the country. Learning about our history tells us about who we are. If we can combine learning, fun and imagination we can improve the world. 

An innovation like this could have never have existed without the love of so many people being put in to it. All the partners involved gave their absolute maximum to create this breakthrough. I am thankful and proud at all of them. We just made it possible that a whole country will be innovated with a total new medium. That a whole country will be inspired.


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