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Will MOOCs sideline organisational consultants?

April 14, 2016 – by Otie Hauser &samhoud consultancy

Will MOOCs sideline internal and external organisational consultants? To get straight to the point: Yes, I believe it will indeed! The steady rise in various MOOCs will bring about an upheaval within the world of organisational consultancy.

What is an MOOC?

I asked myself the very same question a few months back as I never come across it before. Sceptical by nature, I expected it to be a hype that would come and go. However, I was curious to find out more about MOOCs.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. It allows you to follow a course on a range of subjects that interest you using your iPhone or iPad, wherever and whenever you like. As a MOOC is divided into different chapters, you can get to the core of a subject in short blocks that require just a few minutes to complete. I have already taken a number of MOOCs on an iPad whilst waiting for an appointment or using a cross-trainer. And I must confess: it is really fun and instructive! My scepticism has given way to an inquisitive mindset.

Why will MOOCs sideline internal and external organisational consultants?

I have been a consultant for some time now and help various organisations to create breakthroughs and achieve their strategic goals. Besides inspiration, I use my knowledge and experience for this purpose. Everyone can now benefit from this knowledge and experience – albeit from other companies. In addition, this knowledge and experience is now very accessible.

Every organisation that wishes to change or develop usually carries out a self-analysis first before enlisting the help of an organisational consultant. What would happen if these managers – the clients – were to take an MOOC on the topic they wish to tackle? They would enrich themselves with inspiration, knowledge and experience-based examples from other companies thanks to an MOOC.

What then is the added value of an organisational consultant today? Have they been sidelined? Yes, I believe that in many cases they have indeed. Is this bad? No, I do not believe so. It requires inventiveness and creativity from each organisational consultant, both internal and external, to rediscover their added value and thus create value for their clients. The chaff will be separated from the wheat, and everyone will become better as a result. Provided of course that you do not miss the boat.

For managers and organisational consultants eager to catch the MOOC boat!

&samhoud consultancy has spent over 25 years helping clients intent on achieving breakthroughs within their organisation. The end result: more committed staff, happy clients, and good financial results and growth.

Our new ‘How To Change Your Organisation’ MOOC provides an inspirational look at the philosophy behind this successful and proven approach. Various practical examples offer immediate guidelines to help ensure your organisation has engaged staff, happy customers, and good financial results and growth.

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