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Europe launched its first Virtual Reality cinema

During Europe’s first Virtual Reality cinema on Saturday the 31st of October, 330 people in Amsterdam took a digital dive into a completely different world. Initiator Jip Samhoud, founder of &samhoud media, could’nt have wished for a better premiere: “This is the future of entertainment. I am really looking forward to give more people the opportunity to experience VR themselves the next couple of weeks.”

VR pop-up cinema Amsterdam - &samhoud media

The lucky ones that got hold on a ticket for the sold-out premiere were absolutely thrilled. When first entering the event via the red carpet, they had no idea what to expect. This doubt soon turned into marvel when they put on the VR goggles. “It was magical,” said visitor Oscar de Bos Pavon.

During the show, visitors had access to several short VR films. They traveled the world with U2 en flew over The Big Apple in a helicopter. The latter was especially impressive according to visitor Rick: “I’ve never been to New York, but the VR experience came so close to reality that I might not even have to go there”.


According to Samhoud, this type of feeling is exactly the purpose of the VR experience. “It is amazing what VR does with people. It is incredible that we can now start showing this to the masses.” After the success of this first edition, the Virtual Reality cinema will go on a tour throughout the Netherlands. In November, the cinema pops up in several cities. If the tour turns out to be a success, the VR cinema might leave the Netherlands for a world tour. Tickets for the cinema are €12,50 and can be bought at

Dates and location:
13/11 Groningen (Der Aa-Kerk)
14/11 Den Haag (Pier Zuid)
20/11 Rotterdam (V2_)
21/11 Amsterdam (Bright Days)
22/11 Maastricht (De Brandweer)
27/11 Utrecht (LE:EN)
28/11 Eindhoven (TAC)

Virtual Reality pop-up cinema entranceVR pop-up cinema Bar VR pop-up cinema VR pop-up cinema &samhoud media

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