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July 14, by Elsa Ngo &samhoud media

How great would it be to escape your busy life for a moment? Mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other methods are already there to rescue you. But now there’s a new crazy way to get your rest of the day. Get ready for this new sensation!

What we are talking about is called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR. This method, started and especially seen in the USA, is a trend amongst millennials who use it to relax and solve their health problems. It’s a sensation where you feel a special kind of tingles throughout your whole body or some body parts and it can be created by specific movements and sounds. People are finding these tingles extremely relaxing and hypnotizing, that’s why they are even reffering to them as ‘brain orgasms’. For several it even helped them with insomnia. ASMR is brought through Youtube videos, made by ASMR artists. In those videos they are using techniques like mouth sounds, crinkles, tapping or roleplays that can create the ASMR effect.

The popularity of this online sensation is increasing crazily. The Reddit community about this phenomenon, ASMR subreddit, has got over 100.000 subscribers with hundreds active online browsers on the page at any time. Popular ASMR artists are even able to make a lot of money through their collaboration with YouTube. For instance, the most popular channel GentleWhispering ASMRhas over 400.000 subscribers, more than 56 million views on the channel, and makes around $130.000 a year. The artist achieved this in only 4 years. So, compared to a median salary of an American lawyer, which is $114.330, she’s doing a hell of a good job. From 2013 to 2014 the overall ASMR videos on Youtube has increased with 118%, from around 2 million to around 4,3 million videos. It’s expected that it will increase more and more.

But how different is this from other relaxation methods? If you compare ASMR with mindfulness, mindfulness is like laughing because of a joke and ASMR is like laughing because of getting tickled. Mindfulness is aimed at the long term of relaxation and rest in your life. It takes more time and energy to follow this method through courses and trainings. ASMR is aimed more at short term. It’s simply listening and watching the videos that are created by the artists on YouTube. Only in the moment of watching it you’ll feel intense tingles, which causes the relaxation.

So is ASMR really that effective? In that moment of watching the videos, people feel so relaxed that it sometimes results in the solving of bigger problems. People have commented that ASMR was the solution for their suffering of depression and insomnia. YouTube user Adam Brothwood commented on an ASMR video: “ASMR literally changed my life. I used to suffer from sever panic attacks with long periods of depression with no light at the end of the tunnel.. it was as though I was broken with no manual to fix the problem. I would smoke weed and take drugs to self-medicate but it only made it worse. Long term benefit of ASMR is that I am now confident and have a healthy, balanced state of mind. My outlook has never been better.”

The method could be one of the best and most used ways of relaxation in the future. It’s because of the often stressful life of millennials that the popularity of ASMR is expected to increase a lot. Monster Worldwide Inc. held a global survey about burnouts, which showed that 86% millennial respondents are experiencing some level of stress in their current jobs. ASMR is a big trend because of this and with every trend, there are lovers and haters. Wyatt Kane is one of those who show ASMR is something you don’t need to take seriously, as shown by this hilarious video:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover or hater, as long as you find your way to de-stress and take care of your body. That’s the most important. If you haven’t found that yet or if you want to find a new way in this, you can of course try out ASMR.

And for the people who want to laugh about the joke and not about the tickles, you can check out our own online mindfulness course here. Are you more into the tickles? Then you can check out the top 3 ASMR artists that we ranked for you. Just lay down on your couch or bed, or sit wherever you think is the proper place. Put in your headphones, keep an open mind, watch and listen to the ASMR artist, and feel the tingles. Try it out and hopefully it will be an escape of relaxation in your busy life!

Check out these ASMR artists:

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