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Salem on the future for &samhoud

June 24, 2015 – by Salem Samhoud &samhoud consultancy

What will change?

A lot. Technology is developing extremely fast. The internet of things, virtual reality, medical advancements in treating illnesses, big data analyses and its power to predict behavior, new ethical dilemmas and design questions, robotics, virtual reality and the general access to state of the art knowledge are just a few examples.
It is extremely important for &samhoud as a company, and for us as a consultant, to think ahead of the wave. To read books, search the web, talk to people and try to find out what is happening and what will happen in the future.

Who will disrupt us?

All these changes, and the speed at which they are happening, will have an enormous impact on organizations; our clients and our own. Having settled ourselves among the establishment – the ones we used to disrupt our self – the next challenge lies in facing with the upcoming companies who are waiting to disrupt us, for example, companies like Rebels and MI; data driven consultancy firms that are ready to take us on.

What should we do?

If we want to stay in business, we have to make a few important steps. Two years ago, we realized that we were lacking knowledge and skills in technology. We solved this problem by developing &samhoud media and partnering up with &ranj. We now have to further develop the means to scale up. To greatly enhance the impact that we now make by reaching a much larger audience, all over the world.

Personally, I am very excited. I think I never had more joy, fun and focus than at this moment. The possibilities that the technological developments are giving us, are unimaginable. It is possible for a small, good company to grow exponential. To conquer Fortune 500 in just a few years. I am convinced that it is possible for us. You could say I am obsessed with this idea; it keeps me extremely energized and focused. It keeps me up at night, urging me to read, to discover, to think about the future we are facing.
We should all spend a few hours every week to think about the future. About what’s ahead of the wave. Consultants are hired because they think ahead: They must know what is going on, what will happen and they must have ideas about it. So read. Think. Share and discuss ideas.

A beautiful example of what we are now doing at &samhoud media, is developing Massive Open Online Courses. This relatively new, technological driven way to gain new skills and knowledge is not only interesting to provide to our customers, we can also use them ourselves to keep growing and developing ourselves. We have to stay ahead. Without underestimating the importance of a good night rest, you should be constantly bothered by little mosquitoes; annoying little things that keep us up, asking us these important questions.

For &samhoud, in the light of what I discussed above, we will focus the next two years on growing existing businesses. There lies great potential in Germany (5x) and Asia (10x).

My personal goals are to continue on my ambition to become more fit and, beside the energy that I have to put on the business goals, to remain to be able to give attention to people, to be generally interested and, in the end, be a good friend.


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