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​Millennial trend: the rise of fashionable wearables and wearable fashion

May 13, 2015 – by Robine Nederveen & Jennis Jongerius &samhoud media

Technology is primarily used for its functionality. Likewise it is not surprising that quite some gadgets had geeky looks.
Do you remember the Google Glass or the Neptune Pine for instance? Anno 2015 the bar of expectations is raised when it comes to gadgets, and big tech companies like Apple made the transition from a functional product only to a true tech fashion item. The Apple Watch is a great example of such an item, in the United States this wearable is already enthusiastically embraced by several prominent fashionistas.

This fusion of technology and beauty preludes the eve of a new revolution in the fashion and tech industry.  The first prototypes of smart make-up like smart nail polish and ‘hairables’ have been exploring the market. Now the time has come for the scene to move beyond the early adapters and the beauty-meets-tech-products should catch the interest of the general public as well.

The Brazilian Katia Vega is a pioneer in this field. She was the first to develop wearable micro technology hidden in make-up and fashion accessories. Katia’s goal is to bring wearables the close as possible to your body and thereby allow people to conduct in daily technological acts without others being able to notice them doing so.

Her artificial tech nails allow you to open doors and with her eyeliner you can turn the lights or television on by certain eye movements. The Brazilian beauty tech designer also managed to activate a drone with certain products from her make-up collection.

Vega’s ‘hairables’ are an interesting spinoff of the famous wearables. By using a sensor in your hair extensions she made it possible to control your smartphone by just touching your hair. Successful inventions in the beauty-meets-tech field like the ones from Vega break ground for heaps of other gadgets that know their origin on the crossroads of beauty and technology.

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