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Why Tech Companies Mostly Use Animals in Their Logos

You probably never noticed this but many technology companies use animals in their logo’s as secret weapon. Twitter, Firefox and Adata for example. It’s not only because people can’t ignore small fluffy kittens. One of our favorite tech geekettes Kalie Moore, the Berlin startup girl, explained to IntoTech just why this is.

Logo’s help people identify a brand and is often the first thing people notice. A lot of companies that develop software find it hard to explain their products in a logo. Explaining your products might be hard so finding characteristics symbolized by animals is often a great solution. Did you ever wonder why Firefox uses a fox in their name and logo? A fox symbolizes speed and the butterfly in MSN stands for freedom. What better way to represent your brand in a logo than with a symbolic trait. This makes it easier for people to identify your products and brand.

Do not forget the cute factor animals have. It is like owning a cute dog and going for a walk with him or her. People notice you and might even stop to make a comment. Implementing an animal into your logo is just taking this quality a step further. Kalie’s advice to companies; choose an animal people can relate to! Of course the most important thing is that the animal you choose embodies your company and products. Just make sure you have the cute and relatable part on point. No a lot of people will associate a rat with reliable and easy to use software.

Kalie would pick her small chiwawa Toby as a mascot for her tech startup. Which animal would you choose for your brand new tech startup?

*This story was contributed to intoconnection.com by vlogger Kalie Moore

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