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How conscious is the startup scene in New York?

The most promising startups from around the world

The Most Promising Startups From Around The World

Startups was one of the buzzwords of 2014. Here at &samhoud we like to tune into our community that provides us with the list of startups in New York and Berlin that you should definitely keep an eye on in 2015:

Kalie Moore, founder of the entrepreneurial blog  was with us to discuss the most inspiring startups from Berlin, lovingly referred to as Sillicon Allee, 

On number three on her list is the site/app Babbel. On Babbel you can learn yourself a foreign language. With the help of the site and/or app you can easily learn your choice language on your own terms and conditions.

The runner-up is EyeEm. EyeEm is an online site and app on which you can take and edit photo’s with over 20 filters. They are partnered with Getty images which means you can directly sell your edited photo’s to them. According to EyeEm, a global community of photographers are defining a new generation.

Kalie’s number one is ZenMate, a free plug-in and app for internet security. It is free, it hides your location, and encrypts and protects your browser traffic and you can access it anywhere.

New York
Obviously, New York City is one of the hottest spots to setup your new tech business. As Director of Operations for Lean Startup Machine Rafael Balbi oversaw expansion in five continents and 40+ startups cities across the globe. The perfect man to keep us up to date on the exciting startup scene in The Big Apple. 

Rafael’s number three is Sketchfab; basically the YouTube for 3D models. You can upload, store and share your designs and then view them on any browser or device. You will find thousands of designs, free to download and use on your website.

The number two spot is claimed by Genius, which allows you to annotate words in any text, poem or song. This helps you discover the deeper meaning behind all of your favorite lyrics and poetry.

The top spot, according to Rafael, is awarded to Jukely; an app that connects you and your friends through music. You can sync your music with the app and it will bring you into contact with people with a similar taste.

Be on the lookout for more stories coming up from the IntoConnection contributors. For instance from Silicon Roundabout: The  tech cluster in East London, that bustles with fast-growing startups. And what about Moscow? With more than sixty million internet users in Russia, we expect a lot from startups specialised in online services from this region.

Keep following and starting up!



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