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January 8, 2015  – by Marjan Companjen – &samhoud personal vision

In many countries people have recently enjoyed some time off during Christmas en New Year. After having to meet year-end deadlines, buying presents, preparing food and going to parties, our minds (and bodies!) need time to process and relax. But as you switch off, perhaps creative juices have started to flow as well. Maybe you have started to dream about your personal/professional life, or some dreams re-entered your thinking.

Sadly many dreams often don’t get realized, and a key reason for this is simply because they don’t leave our minds. They aren’t written down, or spoken out loud and shared with people around us. Of course some dreams need to be mulled over and pondered over time, but there comes a time when they need to come out into the open. And that’s when things often start to happen.

One lady who participated in a group I facilitated, shared her life-long dream of working with animals. She hadn’t spoken about this for a long time because she had lost hope that it could ever come true. She had a full-time job at a bank and her mortgage needed to be paid off. But when she shared this dream with her line manager after the workshop, he said that he was happy for her to work her contracted hours over a four-day week, instead of five as she had done until then. This freed up a day in her working week, which she now spends volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Another participant only shared her dream of working with children after being prompted by one of her colleagues. She was convinced this dream was unrealistic because she was a single mother to young children and didn’t have the necessary qualifications. But nowadays many courses are offered online and learning has become much more flexible. So she signed up to a course straight after the Personal Vision programme and now studies in the evenings, while her children are asleep. This sets her up for a potential career change once her children start school.

These are only two examples, but I could tell you many more. Somehow, things happen when dreams are put on the table and especially when they are translated into specific goals (see also – link naar ‘Goals are dreams with a deadline’). Helpful people will cross your path and you may well discover new resources that will help you realise your dream.

So at the start of this new year, speak your mind and share your dreams. Something is bound to happen!

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