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5 December 2014 – by Marjan Companjen, &samhoud Personal Vision

Perhaps this sounds familiar: you’re always busy, or at least often think about all the things you feel you need to do. That’s why you make lists, shopping lists and plenty of to-do lists: what to do today, what to do this weekend, what to do before the holiday starts, what to pack for your holidays, which films and tv series to watch, books to read, restaurants you want to eat at, etc. etc.

So lots of lists with probably many items on them: some will take a short time to tick off and others will take more effort and more time. But ticking them off is what you love doing and gives a sense of achievement. And yet sometimes…… you may lie in bed awake at night thinking ‘Why?’, ‘What am I doing it all for?’, ‘Does it have to be this way?’.
In that case it could be helpful to take a close look at your lists: how many items are things you feel you must do, and how many are for or at the request of others? How many items are things that actually matter and really important?

Ask yourself the question what makes a day feel like a great day to you, what makes it valuable? What unique contribution you want to bring to others and yourself? Do the majority of the items on your list reflect that? Do they contribute to what really matters to you? Of course some things just need to be done in daily life, like doing the laundry, cleaning and cooking meals. But perhaps there are also things on your list that, when you think about it, have crept in and don’t really add value to your life and that of others. Those items will need to be crossed off your list, not because you have done them, but because they don’t add value and are not really important.

Once you are aware of what really matters to you, as you become more aware of your ‘inner drive’, your Higher goal and your Core Values, you may still be writing lists, but there may then be fewer items on them. And the items on that list will give you a truer and lasting sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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