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3 december 2014, by Jip Samhoud – &samhoud media

I believe that my generation, global urban orientated millenials (18-30yrs), wants to share their thoughts and inspiration. Our newest platform &IntoConnection aims to incubate and curate optimistic stories, topics and trends from passionate people all around the globe, effectively making it a cross-over between CNN, Vice and TED.

IntoConnection is a platform carried by an online talk show like no other, hosted in Amsterdam but with an international network of contributors that interact and discuss ideas and topics worth sharing. The vloggers (video bloggen) come from cities like New York, Kuala Lumpur, Accra and Rio de Janeiro. Until this moment, over 350 people have already shared their stories.

A project like IntoConnection has not been attempted before. Recent innovations within the field of online media have made it possible for contributors from anywhere on earth to get behind the camera and discuss the topics that matter to them. The platform is split up into six channels: Realtime, Business, Tech, Life, Culture and Food. It is now possible for the community to engage with these topics and interact with the experts of their generation and inspire others.

A beautiful example is this photographer Ed Ou, who with 75.000 followers is one of the top 25 people on Instagram. On IntoConnection, he tells us about his visit to the North Pole and shares his adventures with us ( Another great story is from New York street artist, Reginald Guillaume, who has paid his whole college out of singing on the streets (

A great thing that we are seeing now is that our community is also already starting to interact with each other. I am sure that new global friendships will arise, as connections will become deeper and more intense. My belief is that more optimistic media will lead to a happier life and, as such, to a brighter future.

If you agree to this, visit and let us know what you think and contribute with a story!

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