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What is the recurring theme in your life?

By Marjan Companjen, &samhoud Personal Vision

At &samhoud we have helped thousands of people to create their own Personal Vision. Depending on the length of the programme, we will ask participants to look back on their lives. How have they become the person they are today? Which events, relationships, or situations have affected this and how has this changed their outlook on life and how they live it?

Very often, participants discover on reflection a running and recurring theme in their life. And it often turns out that this not only applies to important moments, but also in simple random events, like casual conversations.

Consciously or subconsciously, this recurring theme affects how we make decisions, our focus and how we use our energy.

This was also what Anna* found, who took part in a Personal Vision programme organized by her employer. As she reflected on several of the defining moments in her life, she discovered that her recurring theme was ‘Battle’. This was particularly due to her relationships and the high standards she set for herself. I asked her if she wanted to continue this theme in her life and she said ‘No’. I asked her what she wanted her recurring theme to become and her answer was ‘Rest and Peace’. The mere fact that she said this out loud gave her so much peace and rest already. It was a relief to say what she did want instead of what she did not want.

Personal Vision is about ‘becoming who you are’, and also saying what you do want instead of what you don’t want. ‘Rest and Peace’ became a key aspects in Anna’s Personal Vision and she defined concrete steps to build this into her future, both in the short and the long-term.

So, what about you, what are defining moments in your life? Do you recognize your own recurring theme? Do you want this theme to continue? Whether you do or don’t, you can make choices as to how you work this theme out in your life. Personal Vision is a really useful tool for this.

We will be writing more about Personal Vision here in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space or send an email to for further information.

*Not her real name

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  1. Avatar Henriette Honee says:

    Could you please inform me when the next course will be? That would be great!

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