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Goals are dreams with a deadline

19 November 2014 – by Marjan Companjen – &samhoud personal vision

Perhaps you know them: people who have ‘sixty new ideas before breakfast’, who often talk about their latest big idea and inspire many people around them as they do so. They can be very charismatic communicators and bring a lot of energy into groups. They love gathering a lot of new input, read books and articles, watch movies, documentaries and interviews, and have long, deep and meaningful discussions about various topics.

But when it comes to actually realizing some of these ideas and dreams, when it comes to taking concrete action, hitches may appear. ‘Ah, but what if it doesn’t work out?’, ‘What if I fail while everyone is watching?’ I hear some of you say. Setting and realising goals sure can be scary and doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. The journey there may involve some detours and is likely to require guts.

And yet, what can be more exciting than actually moving towards the realization of your dream? Besides, it is so useful for learning more about yourself. You have to clearly describe the Core Qualities needed to realize this goal. To what extent do you possess these Core Qualities? Which may need to be or could be developed, and for which aspects do you perhaps need to ask help from others?

Goals have been described by some as dreams with a deadline. Research has shown that setting specific and audacious goals, with a clearly described end-result and timeframe, increases the likelihood of actually realizing the goal by a whopping 30%. So it sure is worth a try.

Sometimes it’s about taking the first step, which then leads to the next one. As the famous Chinese proverb goes: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Which first step could you take? Could you take it today even?


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