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How can educational excellence build a brighter future?

By Salem Samhoud, &samhoud

When you talk with people about a brighter future for our country, a lot of different spear points will arise: the need to become more sustainable, preserving our high quality healthcare, making sure our children maintain or exceed the same level of welfare as their parents, a country where equality and diversity are common are issues that are mentioned often.

A very interesting thing you can conclude from these wishes and dreams is that almost all of these different themes, one way or another, refer back to- or are dependent of education. The success of all the different themes are intrinsically linked to the continuously development of people. This means that, to secure a brighter future, we need to develop an educational system that enables us to give the best of ourselves. Not only when we are at school, but during our entire lifetime. This is excellent education, so to speak. What precisely makes an educational system excellent? Taking our future challenges and wishes into account, we can safely assume that it as to deliver on, at least three areas:

First of all we have the element of knowledge. To move forward, to develop ourselves and our society, to be innovative and to become sustainable, we need the brightest minds which have access to state of the art knowledge.

Secondly, to secure a brighter future, we need the skills to put all this knowledge into practice. Entrepreneurial skills to see opportunities and add value to our society. Technical skills to be able to build and develop new things. Not to be underestimated are all kind of social skills; the ability to connect with others, to deal with the positive aspects of diversity, to work together. Only together will we achieve future successes, so it is essential to learn how we can excel at cooperation.

Third, and this is an aspect of education that, according to me is currently very underdeveloped in our educational system, is to teach our children how to motivate themselves and others. How to be inspired and develop the willpower to engage your dreams. To take initiatives and to remain positive even when things go wrong. To develop a vision and to be able to actually live it. The ability to motivate yourself and to set your own goals, forms the foundation of a willingness to keep learning and to keep developing yourself for your entire lifespan.

Surely, an educational system that delivers high value on all three areas is the key to a brighter future for our country and even the world as such. But do these qualities make it excellent? Not entirely. True educational excellence lies in its ability to provide all members of society with the opportunity to fully develop their talents. People have different talents and interests. Everybody has their own level of excellence and everybody must have the opportunity to reach this level. The three themes that we have just discussed will serve this goal of equal opportunity. It will create a space of inclusion and allows all people – and I literally mean everybody- to develop themselves in an authentic way. When everybody will be able to reach his or her maximum potential, we will be ready for the challenges that await us in the future. Then we truly can build a brighter future, together.


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