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&samhoud places

‘Everything and everybody at &samhoud places inspires to connect. From the best integrated design of menus, plates and interior to the personal factor of the special people, inspiring conversations and the best service.’  These were the first ideas about &samhoud places of Moshik Roth and Salem Samhoud three years before the brand store of &samhoud opened in August 2012. Many conversations between the talented chef and the service specialist followed. They share the dream of building a brighter future by inspiring and connecting people. Their friendship and shared dreams resulted in &samhoud places. Three months after the opening the team of &samhoud places earned two Michelin Stars and is frequently mentioned in national and international press.

“I am particularly inspired by meeting and discovering other cultures, by imagining and by natural phenomena that I see around me. These three factors arouse emotions that have a positive effect on my authentic self. This inspiration is translated into a creative process of taste and that is what connects me with my guests.” But, taste is not just taste; taste is about remembering. “It has, as such, nothing to do with balance between sweet and sour or salt and bitter. Taste has everything to do with a composition of memories. The memories I want to refer to in my menus are inspired by my personal experiences of true happiness. One example is the dish ‘Polkaots’, a creation of crushed langoustines, Anna Gold Oscietra caviar, avocado and tomato ceviche. I originally wanted to use these components to make a dish inspired by the Dutch artist Mondriaan. But then on a recent trip to Paris I found myself looking in the window of the Louis Vuitton store, and they had collaborated with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I have long admired her work, so this dish is a kind of tribute to her. She talks about her life as a dot, an aggregation of connected particles. I prefer to just serve the dish alongside a picture of Yayoi and hope that people get the point.”

“I believe that ultimate happiness is found in simple, seemingly insignificant things. People who are constantly looking for meaningful things, for truth or great happiness, generally speaking miss the insignificant – they overlook the small details, even though these may be of great significance. Nietzsche put it this way: Happiness, how little suffices for happiness! Precisely the least thing, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizards’s rustling, a wink, the glance of an eye – small things make up the greatest happiness. Be still.”

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