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As a consultant at &samhoud I have helped various profit and non profit organisations in the domain of value creation. Our working method is based on a strong philisophy: the Value Profit Chain which was developed at Harvard Business School. I believe in this philosophy and I see many opportunities to create sustainable value in organisations with the Value Profit Chain as starting point. Besides advising on value creation I want to bring value creation into practice on a different platform party based on my business experience before &samhoud. This is why we started People Equity.

&samhoud consultancy has had a long experience with guiding organisations in various markets. These companies prove that using the philosophy of the Value Profit Chain leads to excellent results in the long term. By launching People Equity, &samhoud will do what it has until recently only done with and for clients: realizing breakthroughs that create sustainable value for organisations, employees, customers, shareholders and society. Practically, People Equity will try to create sustainable value by either completely taking over existing businesses or by setting up partnerships. The companies in which People Equity will invest need to be able to achieve financial results (do well) in combination with a large positive impact on society (do good) and will mainly be organisations in healthcare and food industry. People Equity is an independent organisation in which the knowledge and philosophy of &samhoud will be integrated. We really aim to excel in creating value for customers – with high net promoter scores – and employees – with high employee satisfaction. We want to create Great Places to Work and build on our experience of becoming a Great Place to Work. We wrote this experience down in the book ‘How to become a Great Place to Work’.

The first company in which People Equity is investing, is &samhoud places, two Michelin star restaurant and lounge in Amsterdam. Their vision is: ‘Together we build a brighter future. We bring gastronomy to the World by inspiring and connecting people’. Th is vision is being realised on three levels. The first level is the exclusive restaurant where food innovations are made (gastronomy). The second level is the lounge where a large group of guests enjoy the innovations of Moshik Roth (we bring gastronomy). The third level is bringing these food innovations to the mass (to the World). We aim high and therefore the net promoter score needs to become a 9 and &samhoud places really needs to become a Great Place to Work (by inspiring and connecting people).

The second investment will be in the healthcare industry. The main goal of People Equity in this market is creating value for employees, nursing home residents and their families. The focus will be on elderly suffering from dementia because this is a particular subject that moves us. Moreover, the need for living and care facilities for people suffering from dementia will rise sharply in the coming years due to the aging population in the Netherlands. The now existing facilities for these people are rather impersonal because of their large scale character. Based on the Value Profi t Chain, the goal is to create sustainable value for residents suffering from dementia and their families by offering a small-scale, protective living environment.

We will create a concept tailored to the personal needs of both the inhabitants and their families. In addition, &samhoud’s experience with building a Great Place to Work in mind, People Equity strives to become the best employer in this market and thus creating value for employees. Employees will experience value and create a lot of value in return. I suppose it is not diffcult to see how People Equity suits the higher goal of &samhoud: “Together we build abrighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people”. Based on our higher goal, ‘doing well’ is an important investment criterion. This means People Equity strives to invest in organisations that make a positive contribution to society. I consider running a business and creating value for all and not just a few takeholders as a logical combination. Hopefully, People Equity will result in successful, well established Value Profit Chain companies. For now, all there is left to say is: let’s create value for every stakeholder!


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