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Emotion is my value driver

All the value I create is for a brighter future for my employees, my guests and all the people around me. The same goes for financial value. If I create financial value, then I can keep running my restaurant.

Creating a menu starts within me. It must be authentic otherwise I can’t connect with my menus. I have a relationship with them, they are my children and therefore I couldn’t tell which one is the best. And when a menu comes to an end I have to make room inside my head for new creations. And then my older children leave home so to speak.
banker to chef

When I start a new creation process I don’t think of food at all. It starts with emotion that is an effect of what inspires me, like nature or art or people. My talent is that I can translate these emotions into taste and when I have found the right taste I start exploring the form, the effect and what techniques I should use. But because emotion is my starting point I am totally convinced that my menus will always touch people.

So you could say my value driver is emotion. I connect with my employees by creating curiosity to learn. For my guests I create a story integrating my emotions with theirs. It’s hard to determine the financial value of emotion. I find it very normal if a guest in my restaurant spends 1,000 euro, and at the same time I find it very normal to exchange the same emotion with children in an orphanage in Malaysia which costs me money. It’s simply intangible, but very valuable.


Moshik Roth is Master Chef at &samhoud places, a two Michelin star restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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