‘Don’t take jobs, make jobs!’

Vision, values and discipline

Monocle: guide to better business from Monocle on Vimeo.

Turning a lifestyle in to a media love brand

They have a huge fanbase all over the world. IMG_6592Yesterday they were in Paris, the day before in Berlin. And next week they are heading to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to visit their admirers. Today we’re joining their performance in the industrial Café Storm,  Antwerp. On the other side a big group of excited people, eager to let their magazines and books signed by their hero’s. You might have the impression that we are dealing with a rock band or movie stars. We’re talking about Tyler Brûlé, thethe charismatic and engaging founder of Monocle Magazine and a part of his team. They are on a world tour to launch their Monocle Guide to a good business.

The story of Brûlé is an epic one. He started his career as a war journalist in Afghanistan. After being shot by a sniper, he founded the first successful magazine Wallpaper*. Seven years ago he turned his own style of high living in to his own personal bible: Monocle, a magazine that every exquisite jetset man should read when travelling around the world. Now with a 100+ people company and a multi asset brand he is one of the most successful independent publishers on the globe:  “The whole magazine is build around the shared values of our readers, then business and advertisers will follow by itself”

With their new book they fulfill a long desired wish of their readers: It’s a guide how to do a job you love and make a company that wil last. Brûlé: “Some people say that every person has a book inside, but almost every Monocle reader has a business inside.IMG_6586” The vibe in the room in Antwerp underlines this statement:On the event are lots of entrepreneurs from different places of Europe present. People that don’t have a business, at least have a dream to start a business of their own. The Monocle team embodies this passion. Brûlé: “We have our own company culture at our headquarter and it still feels like a startup.” Meanwhile Monocle has become the gold standard of what is currently considered good taste.

Most companies make the shift from ‘just’ a brand towards a publisher of content. Red Bull, for example. IMG_6589Monocle takes the ‘opposite route’: They moved from media brand to a global love brand. The secret ingredient is the dedication and passion from everyone who is working for the successful brand that, after seven years, still regards itself as a startup. Brûlés inspirational advice before he starts signing the page turning business guide: “This book is not about getting rich fast, but it is how to become happy slowly.”



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